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For many years I have been passionate about programming and little by little I was learning to develop computer systems.


It fills me with a special gratification being able to make drawings by hand and by computer, I want to specialize in design.


Curiosity has also been part of my life, and I can not deny that I am a crazy dreamer and bohemian.

Who is SiGoP

Of Mexican origin and of a small family that he had a beautiful childhood and provided great values, SiGoP is dedicated to his own family with whom he lives an incredible adventure.

Restless since childhood, SiGoP has an innate curiosity that guides him tirelessly along the path of knowledge; in particular, that which refers to technology.

His development in computing was due to the incursion of his brother - and best friend - in it. SiGoP wanted to follow the steps of its model and this is how to date, SiGoP has years of experience developing systems, applications, modules and functions in various programming languages.

And now, SiGoP wants to become graphic designer.

There are 10 types of people:

those who know binary and those who do not.

My projects; my dreams

For many years, when I was studying the computer science career in Mexico, I undertook one of my biggest projects; To form my own company. I have had ups and downs and I still can not complete the project permanently. But it is a matter of time for me to achieve this because there are many opportunities and people who want to participate with me.

Another project I have is to write children‘s stories and design the characters involved in them; I already have some characters created and the plot but I still do not give final form to the stories, I need the inspiration that gives the life calm and relaxed.

Summarizing my projects; Which are at the same time my dreams, I want to make a legacy that is useful not only for me. And my inspiration is childhood. I have had failures that I now see as the experience I needed to realize that it is not simple, but not impossible.

There I go, to realize my dreams


That‘s the question.

The face of my dreams


Restless teenager of Latino race. Kind, honest and honorable but serious. Its name derived from cuautli which, in Nahuatl, means "eagle".

Grandma Tallita

The experience of the years and its sweetness give an air of immediate confidence for what they seek for advice. Everyone calls her Grandma.


Puppy xoloitzcuintle loyal and playful, owes its name to the Mesoamerican God Quetzalcoatl. He always gets into trouble because of his games.


Karateka who seeks justice and protects the weak. He thinks he is very serious and rude but, deep down, he is a hopeless romantic.

And there‘s even more

I work on other characters that complement the stories and I continue to improve the ones I already have.

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In order to understand recursion,

you must first understand recursion

Latest Developments

Mi Portal Personal y Profesional.
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Bebecois Protagonistas
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Garderie Les Bibittes
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Bonaventure Productions
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Mi Portal Personal y Profesional.
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I‘m not slacking off,

my code‘s compiling.

Space reserved for my work in development.

Mini-site de yemita.
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Mini-site de mi segundo amor y primer priodidad.
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Mini-site de mis herramientas diarias.
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Mini-site de galería de mis diseños gráficos.
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Time Line
Mini-site línea de tiempo.
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Mini-site PDMU - Eslabon.
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Historietas inéditas de mi creación.
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